Social Anxiety 

Anxiety, I hate you

Feeling claustrophobic

Feeling threatened

Feeling closed-off

Feeling so tense

Too much stimuli

Too many people

What are they thinking?

Everyone is looking

Everyone is judging

Everyone is laughing

I feel so self-conscious 

I feel so odd and awkward 

I’m embarrassed; humiliated

I’m sweating and blushing

Having hot and cold flashes

My heart is racing; pounding

My body is shaking; inside and out

I feel like I’m about to die

My stomach is in knots

I feel so sick

I can’t breathe

I’m dizzy; lightheaded

I panic or I freeze

Can’t look you in the eye

Just want to run and hide

Can’t stay in the present

Too busy trying to control

These thoughts and feelings

I’m anxious; I’m restless

My behaviour is strange

Shaky body, shaky lips

Shaky legs, arms and hands

My body is tense

I’m clenching my fists

Picking my skin or lip

Picking; scratching; pinching

Hitting; punching; kicking

Pacing back and forth

Rocking back and forth

I got my fingers against my temples

To try and stop my mind from racing


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