You Challenge My Belief System

I am an ocean
Stable, yet unstable
Predictable, yet unpredictable
Quiet one minute
And loud the next
The tide pulls me in
And then draws me out
Creating ever-lasting waves
That are also ever-changing
Soft and gentle
Loud and aggressive
Calm and still
Restless and moving
Always living
Always being
Flowing mysteriously
While I dance with the Universe
The sun and the moon’s force
Powerfully tugs on the Earth
In frightening ways, violently
In beautiful ways, peacefully
Very seldom is there an in-between

But you are an earthquake
Two plates that collide and shift
Now making the Earth shake
The ocean’s tide flow is interrupted
A tsunami is formed
Cause and effect, I guess
The law of attraction, I guess
Powerful waves of emotions
Flood the land, city and people
Including my past and present life
The life I used to know
I don’t know anymore
Who I was, who I am
The person I used to know
I don’t know anymore
The ocean doesn’t know
What to do or where to go
No choice left, but to go with the flow
Wherever the tsunami takes me, I’ll go
I’m hanging on for dear life
Wondering when this will all be over
When the sea is calm
I anxiously await for
The next wave to hit me
Sending me in spirals
I want to flight, but I can’t
I want to fight, but I can’t
I am powerless
Yet, you show me my power
When two forces collide
I am strong and powerful

So, I’m trying not to drown
And I’m learning how to swim
You’re teaching me the way
I’m learning from you
So thank you for being
My personal lifeguard, too


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