Anger, Passion and Depression

Depression and anxiety

They live inside of me

Outside of me, there are demons

I just want to be free, man

They take all my energy

They’re my enemies

A part of me, but not all of me

Adversities, they challenge me

But a spark remains, inside of me

It’s a fire that burns constantly

No matter how shitty the weather be

But at times, the flame flickers

On and off, sometimes out

The flame begins to dwindle

And darkness reappears

But this time, I have no fear

I’ve got weapons

I’ve got armour

I’ve got an army full of people

They help protect me

They help support me

They help encourage me

And when I am at my lowest

They fan my flames

And ignite the passion

That lies within me

So the fire continues to burn

But this time, it is brighter

Bigger, better, and stronger

A light incapable of being dimmed


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