The ability to be vulnerable
Vulnerable – what does this mean?
“Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt; exposed, open to attack, persuasion, etc.”
Is that what I feel?
In my skin, flesh and bones?
In my heart and soul?
I feel completely naked
In my mind, body and soul
It feels as though
I have given you my heart
But not just any heart
A broken and damaged heart
One that has been ripped and torn apart
And crushed into millions of pieces
By so many people that chose to hurt me
So how do I know that you won’t do the same to me as everybody else?
Simple: I don’t
But that’s okay
Because I trust you
And there is a saying that goes: “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”
Well, you’re worth suffering for
And I know that, no matter what happens
We can and will work things out
With collaborative communication
With mutual trust and respect
With safe and healthy boundaries
And as someone once told me: “…it is difficult when you first start to share to know where that line can be. That is the joy when there is safety in relationships because repair is much more simple than we usually believe.”
So thank you for making me feel safe
Feel safe to be myself
Feel safe to make mistakes
And even though the world hurt me
I will not turn hard and cold
I will remain as warm and soft
As I have always been
And even though I feel so much fear
And my heart is pounding
And my body is shaking
Because I am finally opening up
And letting the whole world know
Exactly who Kate Morden is
I will stand my ground
Keep growing tall and strong
Because my roots are deep
And when your roots are deep
There is no reason to fear the storm
And hey, I’m KATE THE GREAT 😉
So, I’ll disregard those that hate
Focus on those who truly appreciate
Me, for who I truly am
So goddamn fearful
But so goddamn courageous


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