This ain’t a battle; this is war…

…But I’ve got WEAPONS, ARMOUR, AND AN ARMY FULL OF PEOPLE, fighting with me. What are your weapons? What is your armour? Who is your army?

Thoughts and feelings; they come and they go. Though, sometimes they stay and they hurt so much. Overwhelmed with anger, pain, fear, shame and guilt. Perhaps you are confused, broken and lost, or anxious, paranoid, depressed and/or obsessed. Is it the hurt and burden of the past? The fear of the future? The inability to simply ‘be’ in the present moment, to feel the inner-peace and freedom that all of us long for? Whatever it is – it takes all your energy. It messes with you, your brain, your overall moods, your relationships, your school, your work, your home, your routine, your goals, your dreams, your life. Images flash back and forward like a slide show full of pictures.

Figures, I’ve got so many triggers.

But how can this be?

I’m a CYC.

Am I fit for this field?

This demon tells me, “No”.

Perhaps you even think so.

But I know different. I know that this is what I’m meant to do and who I’m meant to be, and you can’t take that away from me. Watch me prove to you the things that I can do… To rise above the shit that I have been through. To improve. To become bigger, better, stronger. To learn and grow. To heal and recover. With time. So that I can shine the light and love that is within me, onto others. ‘Cause I have a gift and I plan to share it with the world and with others. And only God can take away this gift He blessed me with.

So, stress, mental illness, the ego, the old Self, the hurt inner-child, the negative, the evil, the darkness, the Devil, the fear, the doubt, the illusion – whatever you are – you may be a part of me, but you are not all of me. ‘Cause I’ve got the soul, the new Self, the healed adult Self, the positive, the good, the light, the love, the reality, the truth, the Universe and God within me. I’ve got weapons, armour, and an army full of people. I’ve got Kate Morden and she’s a warrior. And that, my friend, triumphs all. I am going to make it, and you – whatever you are – aren’t going to stop me.

Because I have the drive to succeed. I have a purpose.

My purpose is to give a reason for others to keep fighting; a reason not to give up and/or give in; a reason to believe. My purpose is to let people know that they aren’t fighting this battle alone; that I am fighting this battle with them. My purpose is to awaken all of humanity. My purpose is to eliminate the pain and suffering in others. My purpose is to help others help themselves. My purpose is to help others learn, grow, heal and recover. My purpose is to empower others to empower themselves and others. My purpose is to love. My purpose is to give. My purpose is to live for others. My purpose is to show respect, honour and dignity at all times. My purpose is to fight for freedom, justice, equality, peace, love and unity. My purpose is to become an advocate for myself and others. My purpose is to spread knowledge, truth and wisdom. My purpose is to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. My purpose is to overcome my inner-demons and attain inner-peace. My purpose is to be healthy and pure – mind, body and spirit. My purpose is to reach my highest potential. My purpose is to follow my passion, and accomplish my goals and dreams. My purpose is to love the life I live and live the life I love. My purpose is to simply ‘be’.

And you, my friend, have a purpose, too.

Remember that.


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